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E. EXCEL North America Blog

E. EXCEL Diamond Master Hong Zhou

Congratulations to E. EXCEL Diamond Master – Hong Zhou!


Hong Zhou from Vancouver, BC has worked very hard and earned the prestigious rank of E. EXCEL Diamond Master! Hong joined E. EXCEL 10 years ago, thanks to his upline Jian Hua Niu. Once she shared E. EXCEL with him, he built his business with dedication and determination. A love for E. EXCEL products planted the seed for tremendous growth on his E. EXCEL journey.

Hong loves to share his passion for E. EXCEL products, especially Refresh™. He has also enjoyed many travel opportunities with E. EXCEL, traveling around the world to adventurous locations such as Spain, Mexico and Vietnam.

“I like E. EXCEL products and the vision of E. EXCEL. Traveling with E. EXCEL has not only given me the opportunity to visit different parts of the world and experience different cultures, but it has also brought the opportunity to communicate, to talk, to share my story with other people.”

Congratulations to Hong Zhou for this fantastic achievement! We look forward to seeing your growth with E. EXCEL for many years to come! Click here to view a special video featuring Hong Zhou!