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E. EXCEL North America Blog


E. EXCEL Employees in BC and Toronto Donate to Local Food Banks!


E. EXCEL North America took the opportunity to serve their communities in British Columbia and Toronto by donating E. EXCEL products to their local food banks. Not only did these donations help provide food for those in need, but healthy, whole food products were shared, which can benefit the recipients of this service.

Kevin Hsiao and Famela Balite of the E. EXCEL BC and Toronto markets helped spearhead the initiative to help strengthen their community by donating E. EXCEL products. In doing so, they exercised the fourth pillar of good health: be positive. Kevin, Famela, and others served as a light of positivity for others, giving them hope in dark times. Many individuals in the BC and Toronto communities will now be strengthened by his service and donation.

Local BC food banks have suffered in the past due to large surges in demand for food donations. A report from Food Banks Canada says food bank use has increased 31% since 2019, with a sharp increase in the number of employed families and children needing the service. Service to local food banks in both BC and Toronto has been a step in the right direction to help the community serve those in need. E. EXCEL North America encourages all to take the time and effort to help build up their communities through generous donations!