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BC地區丞燕 E. Excellers in BC

E. EXCEL Executives Join E. Excellers in BC!

Over 50 E. Excellers in BC and others attended the first E. EXCEL event held in over three years! Great excitement was in the air as those in attendance enjoyed E. EXCEL products and lucky draw prizes. Special guests included E. EXCEL North America’s CEO Lynn Gilbert and COO Michael Gilbert, who each spoke on some thrilling marketing opportunities with Elemente products. They also provided an informative training on the E. EXCEL North America compensation plan.

This event was so successful that in addition to being a full house, many new attendees signed up as brand-new E. Excellers! Welcome to the E. EXCEL family! We are so proud of the E. Excellers in BC who took great initiative in organizing this event and supporting each other in growing their E. EXCEL businesses! Keep going strong! Check out the photos below for an inside scoop to this exciting event!

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