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E. EXCEL North America Blog

E. EXCEL Jade Master Lin Zhou

Congratulations to E. EXCEL Jade Master – Lin Zhou!


Lin Zhou from Vancouver, BC has recently earned the prestigious rank of Jade Master with E. EXCEL! Lin first learned about E. EXCEL though her brother and upline, E. EXCEL Diamond Master Hong Zhou. She has been using and enjoying E. EXCEL products for years and has recently turned her love for the products into a successful business!

Lin loves traveling the world with E. EXCEL and has been on over six incentive trips! In addition to the travel opportunities, Lin loves to share E. EXCEL products with others, especially Refresh™. Through an incredible passion for sharing Nutritional Immunology, Lin was able to build her E. EXCEL business in record time!

“Nutritional Immunology is a foundational course worth lifelong learning for everyone!”

Congratulations to Lin Zhou for this amazing accomplishment! Your future is bright with E. EXCEL and we are so excited to see the places you will go!

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