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E. EXCEL North America Blog

E. EXCEL Pearl Master Eunhee Ju

Congratulations to E. EXCEL Pearl Master – Eunhee Ju!


Through hard work and great dedication, Eunhee Ju from Vancouver, BC has recently earned the rank of Pearl Master with E. EXCEL! Eunhee discovered E. EXCEL ten years ago, but only recently started to really embrace building her E. EXCEL business. She started on her exciting road to success thanks to her upline, Heek Yung Kim.

Eunhee was able to enjoy an amazing incentive trip to Hong Kong and Macau for E. EXCEL’s 25th Anniversary. Eunhee’s favorite aspect of E. EXCEL is the integrity of the business. She loves sharing E. EXCEL products and the science of Nutritional Immunology with others with honesty, integrity and kindness:

“Through health and business opportunities, I realize that the most important thing in life is to have a lot of good people by my side. I want to convey the value of Nutritional Immunology to them.”

Congratulations on this fantastic achievement, Eunhee! We’re excited to see your amazing growth with E. EXCEL!

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