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E. EXCEL North America Blog

E. EXCEL Pearl Master Jaeyeon Kim

Congratulations to E. EXCEL Pearl Master – Jaeyeon Kim!


Jaeyeon Kim from Vancouver, BC has earned the prestigious rank of E. EXCEL Pearl Master! She is very passionate about E. EXCEL as a company, and especially about E. EXCEL products. Having enjoyed E. EXCEL products for years, Jaeyeon joined E. EXCEL not too long ago and worked very hard to build a successful E. EXCEL business and earn the rank of Pearl Master!

She has personally taken the great responsibility of sharing E. EXCEL with others and does so with great drive and joy:

“Best products! Best company! I hope that through these products, I will fulfill my role as a health evangelist who spreads knowledge.”

Congratulations for this fantastic achievement! We are so proud of you and look forward to your future with E. EXCEL!

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