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E. EXCEL North America Blog

E. EXCEL Pearl Master Soon Ong Loo

Congratulations to E. EXCEL Pearl Master – Soon Ong Loo!


Soon Ong Loo from Richmond, BC has achieved the rank of E. EXCEL Pearl Master! She grew up in an E. EXCEL family, having known and used E. EXCEL products ever since she was a little child. Ai Lin (Irene) Loo taught her about E. EXCEL and helped her grow and cultivate her own E. EXCEL business. Through hard work an dedication, she was able to achieve great accomplishments with E. EXCEL!

She loves how E. EXCEL helps people learn more about Nutritional Immunology and has a great passion for sharing E. EXCEL, along with her family members:

“In E. EXCEL, my favorite thing to do is share, share, share! With E. EXCEL, I see hope. As long as I keep moving forward, I will definitely reach my destination!”

We are so proud of you and congratulate you on this spectacular achievement!

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