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E. EXCEL North America Blog

E. EXCEL Pearl Master Than Choon Kong

Congratulations to E. EXCEL Pearl Master – Than Choon Kong!


Than Choon Kong from Richmond B.C. has recently earned the prestigious rank of Pearl Master with E. EXCEL! Than’s relationship with E. EXCEL has spanned decades. He first learned about E. EXCEL more than twenty years ago. It was the benefits of Nutritional Immunology which first caught his attention and he’s been striving to improve his healthy lifestyle ever since.

With the help of his upline, Forest Kong, Than was able to see new opportunities with E. EXCEL. Through hard work and dedication, Than achieved his goals, earned new ranks, and grew his E. EXCEL business. He is an excellent example of perseverance:

“I deeply realize that health is the greatest wealth you can have in life. It is my dream to help others live a healthier life. I wish you all the very best physical and mental well-being!”

We congratulate Than Choon Kong on earning the rank of E. EXCEL Pearl Master! We are proud of your hard work – keep striving to earn your goals with E. EXCEL!

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