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E. EXCEL North America Blog

E. EXCEL Pearl Master Yan Lin

Congratulations to E. EXCEL Pearl Master – Yan Lin!


Yan Lin is from Brooklyn, NY. Thanks to her devotion and passion for E. EXCEL, she has earned the prestigious rank of E. EXCEL Pearl Master! Her E. EXCEL journey has truly been remarkable. She first learned about E. EXCEL ten years ago and soon became a big fan of E. EXCEL products. However, at that time, she didn’t seek to build an E. EXCEL business. When 2020 arrived, it changed everything for her.

Yan decided, with the help of her upline Meiya Lin, to become an E. Exceller in 2021 and built her business with such fervor and determination that she earned the rank of Pearl Master very quickly! Her dreams aligned with the mission of E. EXCEL and she was soon able to accomplish many of her goals:

“I finally understood the importance of health, so I chose to join E. EXCEL. Joining E. EXCEL has not only helped me improve my lifestyle, but has given me the opportunity to start a business of my own.”

Congratulations on this magnificent achievement! We are so proud of her accomplishment and look forward to seeing her E. EXCEL business grow!

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