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Toronto E. Excellers Host Healthy Living Seminar!


Due to the great success of their previous Health Day event, and true to their word, E. Excellers in Toronto hosted a special Healthy Living Seminar on June 17th. This seminar was very well-attended, with both E. Excellers and those new to E. EXCEL coming together to learn more about Nutritional Immunology and other aspects of healthy living.

The fun kicked off with some lucky draws featuring popular E. EXCEL products. Diamond Master Mei Yu gave a special presentation during the seminar, and E. EXCEL Jade Ambassadors Jian Hua Niu and Ning Peng presented on Nutritional Immunology and the secret of longevity. This seminar was a fantastic opportunity for all to learn more and to help each other grow, all while celebrating healthy living!

We applaud and congratulate our Toronto E. Excellers for such a successful event! Keep going strong in sharing E. EXCEL!

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