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Including Evernew as part of your healthy lifestyle is a convenient, refreshing and tasty way to add fiber from wholesome plant foods, featuring psyllium husk, banana, apple fiber, oat fiber, barley grass, blueberry, cherry, grape and pear. The benefits of a fiber-rich diet are plentiful. It is no wonder why consumers around the world are feeling nourished, lighter and renewed with wholesome, tasty, and delicious Evernew.

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Excellence In Action

E. EXCEL International was established in the United States in 1987. It derives its name from “Extra Excellence,” indicating its relentless pursuit of excellence. After taking root in the U.S., E. EXCEL has grown from strength to strength, steadily expanding throughout Asia and other regions.

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Why People Love Us

My family and I have been taking Millennium since I discovered E. EXCEL 25 years. ago, and of course there are many other good products.

Mei YuOntario

I would recommend Refresh, 1-Shape, and Evernew to new people. I have been enjoying them for over seven years.

Bonnie HongBritish Columbia

My family's favorite E. EXCEL products are Millennium, Poly5, Refresh, and Nutrifresh. My son has grown up on E. EXCEL's wholesome botanical products! It is the philosophy of nutritional immunology, along with safe, convenient, nutritious whole foods that bring health and wisdom to me and my family.

Jian Hua NiuOntario

If I eat unhealthy food, I will drink Orchestra immediately afterwards for some peace of mind!

Emma LiToronto

E. EXCEL’s World

October – December 2023 Issue

In this issue you can learn from other successful E. Excellers, learn about brain health, read a historic motivational story, as well as learn some myths surrounding pregnancy.

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