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Our Mission

To share the gifts of health and knowledge with mankind using

honesty, integrity, and kindness.

The Company

EXCEL North America was founded in 1987. Providing whole food beverages and capsules carefully formulated and designed to work synergistically, E. EXCEL North America has researched and developed unique manufacturing processes to take advantage of the nutritional excellence of whole food ingredients for over 35 years.

Nutritional Immunology

Nutritional Immunology is the science that studies the link between nutrition and the human immune system. It explores how nutrients in plant foods affect the activities of various body systems. All products from E. EXCEL North America are based on the science of Nutritional Immunology.

Wholesome Products

Providing convenient, whole food beverages, capsules and a wide variety of healthy home products made with rare botanicals are the capstone of E. EXCEL North America’s mission. No animal products, additives, pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics, or synthetics are NOT used in the manufacturing of our products. Using the finest botanical ingredients nature has to offer, E. EXCEL products bring whole food availability and convenience to a whole new level.

Manufacturing Expertise & Product Safety

E. EXCEL’s main task is scientific research. E. EXCEL has accumulated vast amounts of professional knowledge and manufacturing experience since its inception in 1987. Each year, it makes great investments in manpower, resource, and time, using sophisticated and advanced machinery. From raw material selection, to production processes and product packaging, every step is rigorously monitored for product safety. Always seeking improvement, E. EXCEL combines scientific research with good manufacturing practices to continually develop new and better products.

Product Variety & Quality

Every plant is a precious gift from nature. Plant foods have optimum nutrients and do not burden the human body. By using scientific and professional manufacturing processes, E. EXCEL optimally retains the taste and benefits of plant foods so that its products abound in a wide and diverse range of plant-based nutrients. E. EXCEL hopes to arm people with the knowledge to live healthily through education, and to provide convenience for busy people seeking a healthy lifestyle through its products.

A Legacy of Love & Dreams

E. EXCELLERS are united by a common mission, regardless of language, ethnicity, and background. They hail from various countries and regions to form the global E. EXCEL family. Together, E. EXCELLERS forge their careers, achieve their life goals, learn and grow, and finally pass their torch of success on to their next generation.

E. EXCELLERS give back to society by supporting various charity organizations in different parts of the world. The Jau Fei Chen E. EXCEL Scholarship and Research Fund has helped nurture numerous talented individuals to advance science and human health.

The Opportunity

Each member of our distributor community takes advantage of a unique business opportunity they can grow and pass along as an inheritance to their loved ones. Each E. Exceller belongs to a supportive community who celebrate health and knowledge. They work diligently to share what E. EXCEL North America has to offer and make a real difference in the world. In addition to growing your own business, as a distributor you have the opportunity to earn trips to various locations around the world and be recognized for your great efforts.